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Titans basketball offers quality basketball training and team play opportunities for players committed to improving their game.  We are dedicated to working with players that have a genuine desire to play basketball at a high level.  Whether it is playing high school or college ball, or playing for the national team and beyond, Titans has a strong track record of helping foreign and local Singaporean players achieve their goals.

Our focus is on working with players to develop individual skills AND team play skills.  We also work with players on the mental aspects of the game to ensure they are prepared for the next level.

Titans provides group, individual and team training, as well as regular games.

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Summer sessions have begun


Sessions take place at:

Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) - 60 Barker Road, 309919

Nexus International School - 1 Aljunied Walk, 387293


Daily training @ ACS (Barker Road)


Morning sessions @ 21 Evans Road & ACS (Barker Road)


Scrimmage timeslots @ ACS (Barker Road) 10.00am-2.00pm



Contact us on for more information on the right timeslot for you



Spencer Templeton is the principal and head coach at Titans.

 A former collegiate basketball player in the United States, Spencer relocated to Singapore several years ago with a commitment to establish a unique basketball program focused on youth in their teenage years.  With this focus, we can best develop players that already have a foundation in the sport and have decided they want to commit to basketball.  For more information about Spencer and his unique qualifications and philosophy, see the ABOUT page.

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Take it to the Limit

Titans is different to other basketball clubs in Singapore.  Some programs are very large and have hundreds of players.  Players do not receive consistent individual attention from a single coach and the quality of coaches and players varies widely.  Other programs are smaller and do not have sufficient numbers of quality players or consistent access to indoor facilities.  But where Titans is strongest is in coaching.  Coach Spencer is a committed, qualified and experienced coach that puts the players' development first.  When you play for Titans, you know Spencer or one of his qualified coaches will be your coach.

Unlike other programs that seek an ever increasing number of participants, Titans is committed to remaining a small, boutique basketball program.  Our focus is on dedicated players in the 13-19 year old range.  We limit the program to one, and possibly two, teams in each age group.  While Titans prefers not to 'cut' players, we are selective.  Titans will work with players to help improve their game and/or we can help find the right opportunity with one of our partner programs.  Again, we want that special player that is willing to go the extra distance to become elite.

Finally, most basketball programs or clubs in Singapore require or expect their players to only play for their club.  Titans is different.  We do not fear competition from other programs, but embrace it.  We are committed, first and foremost, to the teen youth player.  It is about them, not us.  We believe players, and their parents, will recognize what makes Titans unique and they will decided how to spend their time accordingly.  If players desire to play in multiple programs, they are welcome with us as we believe anyone so committed will make us better and we'll make them better.


  • Centrally located excellent facilities

  • Flexible timing options, including evenings and weekends

  • Reasonable costs, plus waiver or reduction of fees for those with financial hardship

  • Quality players drawn from local and international schools across Singapore

  • Top notch, comprehensive training that sees each participant as a player, athlete and person


We are committed to helping shape our youth through lessons learned through participation in team sports.

Elite Titans is a registered company and we carry full insurance.

I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying

~ Michael Jordan

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(+65) 9023 9161

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