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Competitive Program



TITANS Academy is the leader in providing high-quality, elite basketball coaching with an ambition to bring the quality of youth basketball in the Southeast Asia region to new heights.


The Competitive Program is designed for experienced and skilled young athletes aged 12 to 18 who are ready to take their game to the next level. Our program is meticulously crafted to refine and enhance the skills of players who have a solid foundation in basketball. Through a dynamic curriculum, we focus on introducing new techniques and perspectives to elevate their understanding of the game.

Participants in the Competitive Program will engage in weekly training sessions that go beyond the basics, delving into advanced strategies, nuanced plays, and specialized skills training. Led by our experienced coaching staff, including Coach Spencer, our commitment is to foster a challenging yet supportive environment that encourages continuous improvement.

The heart of our program lies in providing ample opportunities for competition. Athletes will have the chance to showcase their enhanced skills in regular competitions, both within the program and against external teams. This exposure not only sharpens their competitive edge but also builds resilience and adaptability on the court.

Join Titans Basketball Competitive Program and embark on a journey of growth, excellence, and a deeper understanding of the game. We invite dedicated players to be part of this intensive and rewarding experience, where each session is an opportunity to refine existing talents and acquire new skills, all within a vibrant and competitive basketball community.

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