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Development Program



TITANS Academy is the leader in providing high-quality, elite basketball coaching with an ambition to bring the quality of youth basketball in the Southeast Asia region to new heights.


The Development Program is a specially tailored initiative for youngsters aged 8 to 16 who are either new to the game or seeking to build a strong foundation in basketball. This program is designed to cater to those with limited experience, whether they lack fundamental skills or are entirely new to the sport. Our focus is on providing a nurturing and enjoyable environment where participants can learn the game, develop fundamental skills, and most importantly, have fun on the court.

Through weekly training sessions, our experienced coaches will guide young players in mastering the basics of basketball. From dribbling and shooting to defensive strategies, the Development Program aims to instill a solid understanding of fundamental skills. The emphasis on teaching the game in an engaging manner ensures that each participant not only improves their skills but also cultivates a genuine love for basketball.

At Titans, we believe in the transformative power of sports, and our Development Program goes beyond the court. By fostering teamwork, discipline, and a passion for the game, participants will gain valuable life skills and values that extend far beyond their basketball journey.

Join Titans Basketball Development Program and embark on a fun-filled and enriching experience where every training session is an opportunity for young players to grow, enjoy the game, and embrace the core values of sportsmanship.

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